The Air Raiders are a group of pirate rebels led by General Rokk. Their bass of operation is in the heart of the Petrified Cloud Forest, a place so dangerous and labyrinthine, not even the Tyrants of the Wind would adventure into it.

Slogan: "Free air for free men."

Battle cry: "Air Raiders ride the wind!"

The Air Raiders are made-up of the following members:

Officers: (in order of rank)

  • General Rokk, the brave leader of the Air Raiders.
  • Admiral, mentor and counsel to General Rokk.
  • Field Commander Jad, second it command of the Air Raiders..
  • Commander Airlocke, commander of the Twin Lightning squadrons.
  • Lieutenant Noble, field officer.

Enlisted: (in alphabetical order)

  • Branch, Homebase sentry.
  • Buck, Twin Lightning pilot.
  • Eeleta, new recruit.
  • Fitz, Storm Dagger crewmen.
  • Hook, Storm Dagger crewmen.
  • Jasun, Thunderclaw crewmen.
  • Sairra Twin Lightning pilot.

Vehicles: (in order of size)


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