Airlandia was once an Earth-like planet that suffered a severe catastrophe when it was bombarded by a massive comet. The comet tore away much of the breathable atmosphere and replaced it with with more alien gases. Such gases made the world inhospitable to life on Airlandia, and many perished. The creatures that survived, mutated into entirely new creatures.

In the chaos, an Air Guard General named Aerozar took control of the situation to bring order, but end up installing himself supreme ruler of Airlandia. He, along with other Air Guard officers, formed the Tyrants of Wind. They are ruled over by four Lords, with Emperor Aerozar as the highest ruler. Baron Sunder in the Lord of the Northern Winds. Baron Jolt is the Lord of the Eastern Winds. Baron Modrex is the Lord of the Western Winds. And Baron Ee-lon is the Lord of the Southern Winds. They exact total authority over all of Airlandia's breathable air supply form their cities. Outlining communities are expected to surrender what air reserves they have and be reliant on the air supplies form the major cities.

General Rokk, the son of Baron Sunder, formed a rebel group called the Air Raiders. They mission is to take down the empire and establish freedom in Airlandia.

Illustrated Background of AirlandiaEdit

The Air Raiders toys came with nine-part sheets detailing the world of Airlandia, along with the forces of Air Raiders and Tyrants of Wind.

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