A Battle Squad is the most basic unit of troops that are not crew, within the Air Raiders' ground forces. Where most battles are handled by fleets of vehicles and landships, the five-man squad is used for outpost security, infiltrating enemy bases, and liberating occupied communities as urban fighters.

Given the dangers of the outside enviroment and the limits of their life-support, Battle Squad troops do not move across country on foot, and must be transported from place to place. They rarely march anywhere, unless forced to do so do to retreat or loose of transport vehicles.

A basic Battle Squad operate in a team of five—one officer or NCO (non-commission officer) and four soldiers. Battle Squads can operate in larger groups like Companies and Battalions, but they are usually small, as the Air Raiders are more reliant on attack vehicles. They also prefer small elite shock troops over large number of cannon fodder. Lieutenant Noble is one of a number of offices who lead Enforcers into battle.

Specifications (form toy packaging):

"Free air for all free men."

Air Raiders Battle Squad: Heroic freedom fighters. Determined to rid Airlandia of the evil emperor and the Tyrants of Wind and make air free again. Gallant rebels. Always ready to help those in need, whatever the circumstance. Sabotage, demolition and raiding experts. Less equipped than their Tyrant enemies. Specially trained. Critical to the Air Raider cause. Carry free breeze blasters that crystallize targets on contact. Led by Leiutenant Noble, a fearless, dedicated fighter.

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