Enforcers are the rank-and-file ground soldiers of the Tyrants of Wind military force. They guard bases, man ground vehicles, storm enemy bases, occupy communities, and dish out punishment to people who act or talk out of line.

Given the dangers of the outside enviroment and the limits of their life-support, Enforcers do not move across country on foot, and must be transported from place to place. Although, if there are too many men to transport, they march along side a convoy of vehicles that holds their supply of air and ammo.

Enforcers operate in squads of five—one officer or NCO (non-commission officer) and four soldiers. Enforcer squads can operate in larger groups like Companies and Battalions. Lieutenant Ratt is one of a number of offices who lead Enforcers into battle.

Specifications (form toy packaging):

"The Emperor reigns supreme."

Tyrants of Wind Enforcers: A crack formation of barbaric, cold-blooded figthers. Brainwashed, emotionless marauders. Incapable of disobeying orders. Responsible for taxation, repression and law enforecment on Airlandia. Enjoy pillaging countryside, ravaging wind farms and enslaving innnocent citizens. Led by Lieutenant Ratt, a ruthless master of brutality. Specially-textured combat suits are stress-tested to withstand indirect concussive blasts. Suits are computerized and thermo-insulated. Built-in air canister housing units provide 2-day supply of air.

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