The Hawkwind superiority fighter is the premier combat aircraft of the Tyrants of Wind. The Hawkwind hold two crewmen: 1 pilot, 2 gunners (one at the front, the other at the rear).

Specifications (form toy packaging):

"Hawkwind screams through the sky!"

Crew: Two man crew—Commodore Kronax and Mace. Ruthless, conceited men. Enjoy shooting at wind farms for target practice. Infamous for their severe hatred of Air Raiders.
Vehicle Type: Subsonic attack jet—long range strategic fighter plane.
Powerplant: Air blaster activated, rocket racer engines.
Performance: The fastest and deadliest thing in the air. Reaches Mach 3 in 50.07 seconds. Possesses exceptional maneuverability.
Armament: Rear-mounted rocket launcher fires bluster bombs that produce screeching gale force winds and temporarily disorientate the enemy. Front-mounted, light-sensitive, air-launch whistler missiles fire in tandem and explode on impact.
On-board Specifications: Capable of leveling an entire grid on the map in 5 minutes. Four-spread wing design enables plane to fly upside down or sideways. No known weaknesses.

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