The Storm Dagger is a high-speed Battle Dasher.

Specifications (form toy packaging):

"Storm Dagger strikes swiftly, silently and sure."

Crew: Hook and Fitz. Two-man crew performs 48-hour survelliance missions. Endurance tested before in-house flight assignments. Trained to withstand severe hardships.
Vehicle Type: High-speed hover-sail—Tandem, two-seat fast attack hovercraft.
Power-plant: Air cannon-activated, single 21,000 ERG, vectored-thrust turbo-fan.
Performance: Maximum speed of 120 knots. Remains aloft for hours: undetectable in glider mode.
Armament: 2 offensive, long-range air-torpedoes loaded with specialty airs. Equipped with rear-mounted freeze breeze cannon.
On-board Specifications: Armored Kevlar stabilizar sail impervious to most armaments.

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