The Tyrants of Wind is an army made up of the four Baronies of Airlandia, and the ruling Emperor Aerozar. Emperor Aerozar rules Airlandia with an iron fist, and subjects his people with onerous laws and taxation that makes makes it difficult for most people to live. The military is noted for its casual cruelty with ordinary people, and their brutal suppression of even minor dissent. The populations of Aerozar's cities are largely brainwashed to the military's brutally, and the ruling class are shown to be greedy and aloof.

The Royalty and Nobility of Airlandia: (in order of title)

  • Emperor Aerozar, the supreme ruler of Airlandia.
  • Baron Sunder, the Lord of the Northern Winds.
  • Baron Jolt, the Lord of the Eastern Winds.
  • Baron Modrex, the Lord of the Western Winds.
  • Baron Ee-lon, the Lord of the Southern Winds.
  • Kala, the daughter of Emperor Aerozar.
  • General Rokk, deposed or renounced son of Baron Sunder.

Military Personnel: (in order of rank)

  • Commodore Dregs, responsible for policy enforcement and interrogation.
  • Commodore/Rector Kronax, responsible for tax-collection and Air Lancer deployment.
  • Captain/Major Trask, Hawkwind pliot.
  • Mace, Hawkwind pliot. (rank unknown)
  • Lieutenant Ratt, Enforcer officer.
  • Master Sergeant Blot, Wind Seeker driver.
  • Private Blight, Wind Seeker gunner.
  • Sergeant Razorback — Wind Seeker driver.
  • Private Dak, Wind Seeker gunner.
  • Air Lancers, aircraft pilots and gunners.
  • Enforcers, ground troops and ground vehicle operators.

Vehicles: (in order of size)


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