The Wind Razor high-speed assault craft offers sophisticated offensive capabilities. In combat situations, the unique body design is equipped with hydraulic lifts that enable the vehicle to sink low for sneak attacks and rise high for fast attacks. The Wind Razor is also able to glide over objects that other air vehicles are unable to traverse. Emperor Aerozar's armed guards use Wind Razors for policy enforcement, arresting innocent citizens and "escorting" them to the House of Reflection for interrogation.

Specifications (form toy packaging):

"Wind Seeker's slices through air like a knife."

Crew: Sergeant Razorback and Private Dak. Trained to search out and destroy all who oppose.
Vehicle Type: Land speedor assault vehicle—Two-seat dual-mode phantom fighter.
Power-plant: Air cannon-activated, turbo-propped, galvanized air foil.
Performance: Can achieve maximum speed of 200 knots on stabilized jet stream.
Armament: Pivoting rear freeze breeze cannon.
On-board Specifications: Hinged contours allow vehicle to sink low for concealment or rise high for fast attacks.

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