Wind Seekers are used primary for patrol and reconnaissance purposes. Equipped with detachable hover-pods that can ferret out Air Raider outposts, the Wind Seeker's electro-optical sensors first scan for any life forms and them home on the intended target with its freeze breeze blasters ready to fire. Few men escape from a Wind Seeker attack.

Specifications (form toy packaging):

"Wind Seeker's always on the prowl."

Crew: Master Sergeant Blot and Private Blight. Two of the meanest soldiers in the Emperor's legions. Huge, muscular brutes. Brainwashed. Incapable of showing emotion.
Vehicle Type: Class II reconnaissance vehicle—Two-seat patrol module.
Power-plant: Dual, air cannon-activated, fan-engine "Galvanizers"
Performance: Maximum speed of Mach 2.
Range: 700 miles. Attains maximum speed only over flat terrain. Rugged territory inhibits maneuverability and performance.
Armament: Twin air hammer cannons can be programmed with long range lock target guidance systems.
On-board Specifications: Fires carrier-borne recon hovercraft equipped with electro-optical surveillance sensors and freeze breeze cannons.

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