Airlandia is subject to a wide range of weather phenomena. The outside air is not breathable, requiring breathing devices, and there are gases in the air that is harmful, if not outright poisonous. Fierce turbulence in the upper atmosphere makes it near impossible to navigate through. As such, space is beyond the reach of Airlandian explorers.

When a giant comet tore away most of Airlandia's breathable atmosphere and tipped the planet off its axis, bizarre winds mushroomed and spiralled [sic] over Airlandia.

An example of these are zombie winds, swirling nimbus clouds that envelope men's minds. These winds temporarily seal a man's senses and reduce him to a mindless zombie.

The winds of illusion are strange, colorful clouds with a sweet-smelling scent. They cause a victim to see distorted images and lose touch with reality. If a man is overexposed, he becomes incapable of coherent thought. The winds of illusion should not be confused with weird air, which impairs the senses and creates a feeling of euphoria.

The winds of destruction are the mast devastating winds on Airlandia. They're invisible at night and corrode metal on cantact. They're particularly dangerous to high-flying air vehicles if the vehicle disintegrate in midair. Many Airlandian flyers recount chilling tales of the horrifying destructive force of these metal-eating winds.

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